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Capabilities & Services Analysis

Capabilities & Services Analysis (CASA) is a process where a business looks at the needs of its customers and then identifies their weaknesses in order to develop solutions to those needs. The strengths of the customer and the company’s weaknesses are identified, analyzed, prioritized, and then implemented in ways that will best serve the customer. The goal is to create a balanced combination of the strengths and weaknesses of the company in order to build a strong foundation on which to grow.

This process is integral to defining goals, developing methods to achieve those goals, measuring performance against those goals, communicating with customers, creating action plans, and finally, controlling risk. A good CAPS process will identify a need, find the appropriate resources to support that need, communicate the needs to the customer, develop a plan, execute the plan, and monitor the progress of implementation. The steps listed are the basic framework of this process.

Customers come in many different shapes and sizes. In order to effectively evaluate a company’s needs, it takes knowledge of all types of customers. For example, does the customer require a manufacturer that manufactures the product or is the customer a distributor? Is the customer a private label product developer selling his own product? Is the customer a primary or secondary supplier? Each of these customer types requires different methodologies to support the business.

To start, a company must identify its customer. In other words, it has to know what kind of customer the company is. The customer profile is a very important part of capabilities & services analysis. It will enable management to determine what kind of resources it has available and which capabilities it requires to provide its needs. In the end, however, it all comes down to expenses, revenue, and profit, which is what any business is about, after all.