Getting Rid Of Trees

What Longmont Tree Service Means For Your Property

A Longmont tree service technician is a person who takes care of trees, usually is highly skilled in identifying pests and identifying disease. Using advanced rigging and climbing techniques, he can trim dead or unwanted branches from bushes or trees to keep clear of utilities, sidewalks or roads, or to enhance the visual appeal, value and condition of the shrub or tree. Trimming can sometimes be performed by a tree service technician who has experience with this. Sometimes people hire tree services technicians who are also experienced tree surgeons to perform this work. A tree surgeon can analyze and diagnose the problem more thoroughly.

Longmont Tree Service

A tree service technician can provide specialized tree services, such as tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, pruning thin branches, tree removal and stump grinding, and tree felling. Tree services technicians are licensed by the state and must meet specific certification requirements. Tree service technicians and employees must be properly trained and receive annual re-training to stay compliant with all industry standards. They should have on-the-job training that enables them to handle all types of tree-related jobs, whether it is pruning stump grinding, tree removal or tree felling.

A professional Longmont tree service provider that removes and recycles wood chips and other waste wood should have a recycling program. If a provider does not have a recycling program, they should contact your local storm water and sanitation department. Your municipality or county may also conduct a similar program that allows for proper disposal of firewood and wood chips. This program encourages responsible waste disposal by reducing the amount of waste that is dumped into our streams, sewers and lakes, and requires that household owners properly dispose of their waste wood and firewood.

If you have trees that are in need of service, please feel free to get in touch with us today. We will walk you through the process of trimming your trees.