C-Arm Rentals

C-Arm Rentals versus C-Arm Purchases

Most hospitals, doctor’s offices, and imaging centers need the latest C-Arm equipment on hand to diagnose and care for patients. These machines can be expensive and not every facility can justify buying one. There are C-Arm rentals available which can benefit a facility in several ways.

C-Arm Rentals

The rental of a machine can make it more attainable financially for small facilities and practices. Rentals can be long-term or short term. In some cases, it is ideal to try the machine out first. If the use is significant enough, it may justify purchasing one. If not, the machine rental term can end or it can be extended.

C-Arm rentals are more cost-effective than a purchase which requires a good deal of capital. Machines come with different arm lengths, making the rental of one ideal as the size rented will accommodate the uses and procedures that are most common for a facility.

These machines help generate income. With a lower initial overhead from renting versus buying, you can put the additional money earned towards the rental itself as well as toward the purchase of a unit in the future.

Select a rental service in your area that offers machines with different arm lengths as well as resolutions. If you are unsure which resolutions will work best in your practice or facility, renting one on a trial basis is an excellent way to find the answer to this.

Another reason that a C-Arm rental is a beneficial option is that the machine can be used temporarily. If your current machine is undergoing repairs, you can continue helping patients without any downtime. You can use the rental instead for an immediate, fixed term at a price that your facility can afford.

See what a local rental service has to offer your facility. Try a machine out and see if a continued rental is ideal or if your firm should invest in purchasing a C-Arm for the long-term.